How a SWOT can make your life easier

How a SWOT can make your life easier

If a business is looking to thrive, it needs to define its objectives, as well as any factors which may negatively impact those objectives. A SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) analysis allow a business to determine both internal and external factors which may affect a […]

How ISO Certification Can Help Drive Your Business Goals

How ISO Certification Can Help Drive Your Business Goals

If you are facing the decision on ISO certification, you probably are wondering how it will affect your business goals. You may be facing this decision voluntarily or at the request of a potential customer. In either scenario, the outcomes for your business are very […]

How To Write A Proper EMS Policy

How To Write A Proper EMS Policy

A key factor in obtaining and maintaining ISO 14001 certification is your environmental policy. What are the factors you need to consider while crafting your policy? How do you ensure that top management understands it? Is it adequate for your organization? The answers to these […]

How The Internet Has Changed Manufacturing

How The Internet Has Changed Manufacturing

The term “Internet of Things”, also referred to as IoT, was coined by Kevin Ashton in 1999. This was merely one step on the long journey that has led to where we are today. Put simply, IoT refers to things, almost anything really, that can […]

Why it’s Important to Identify Risk in Business

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No business is without risks, but the key to any business is understanding the importance of preventing, minimizing or eliminating risks whenever possible in order to prevent losses. After all, less risk should theoretically create more success for the business. For any business, risk can […]

How an ISO Certification Can Help You Drive Sales

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Whether you are running a small mom-and-pop shop, a startup company or a global corporation, obtaining ISO certification as a business can have countless benefits, ranging from saving the company money and employee time to improving efficiency and customer service. ISO certification can create opportunities […]

What is a Surveillance Audit?

Surveillance cameras keep watch over an audit

After careful planning and diligent preparation, an organization is ready to achieve the goal of ISO certification. A certification body sends an auditor to verify that the organization’s management system is in place along with all necessary components: documentation, records, processes, etc. The auditor also […]

How to Get Ready for an Internal Audit

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In many organizations, audits have a negative connotation. Some view them as box-checking busy-work, while others fear that the auditor is trying to ‘catch’ them in some form of non-compliance. In reality, an ISO 14001 internal audit presents a genuine opportunity for improvement. The maximum […]

A Brief History of ISO Standards

When parameters and standards are not clear, it can be difficult for countries and businesses to work with each other to determine what is fair. When it comes to standards and setting standards, the more guidelines there are to follow, the more transparent, reliable, and […]

Keeping Your Business Ahead of the Competition

The business world is not at all a forgiving bunch. Any slip up in your business is an opportunity for your rival to overtake you and put you to the ground. As such, for your business to stay afloat and even ahead of the competition, […]