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“ During our partnership we have achieved AS9100 Revision C upgrade with minimal findings. AQM's tireless construction of a new database system for most of the departments will help us keep organized with quick reporting o the current state of applicable processes.”

Gary M. Carr, Directory of Quality Assurance - Sunbank Co.

What Is AS9110/AS9110:2016?

AS9110 serves as the quality management systems (QMS) standard for repair stations in the aerospace and defense industries. It ensures a consistent level of performance for maintaining, repairing, and overhauling aircraft. That way, consumers can get top-notch services, whether they’re in the US or another country.

AS9110 evolved out of AS9100, which covers a wide range of aerospace management systems. The AS9110 standard focuses on the maintenance of military, commercial, and private aircraft. Any organization that deals with aircraft maintenance needs to have AS9110 certification.

Note that the AS series undergoes regular revisions. AS9110:2016 contains updates that clarify and improve the previous editions. All of the AS9110:2016 standards, including AS9100D, AS9110C, and AS9100, incorporate ISO 9001:2015, plus additional requirements tailored to the aerospace industry.

Benefits of Aircraft Maintenance and Repairs Consulting

Comprehensive Audit Preparation

Your company must go through an independent audit before earning AS9110 certification. At American Quality Management, we put our clients in the optimal position for success. Our consulting team prepares them with everything they need to ace their audit on the first attempt.

Our consultants apply rigorous auditing practices to all aspects of an organization. We comb through every detail to maximize your internal efficiency and cost savings. Our gap analysis functions as a roadmap to optimize your quality management system in no time.

Lower Operating Costs

Small changes can have massive benefits for your bottom line. Our consulting services find ways to improve your quality management system and reduce waste. That way, you can get the most out of your organization and employees’ time and resources.

Refined processes, better implementation, and more thorough training can translate to increased revenue. According to, AS9110-certified organizations earn 7% more than their non-certified counterparts. These companies also have more sales growth and a greater return on investment.

Higher Customer Satisfaction

Aerospace customers have high standards. More and more customers want to work with certified vendors to ensure that the service meets specific requirements. A company with the AS9110 standard has an inside track to attract new clients.

Taking the time to obtain the AS9110 standard will do wonders for your business in the long run. Your team will have the proper safety training, skills, and tools to deliver world-class service. Knowledgeable and talented staff can mitigate complaints and provide swift resolutions.

Greater Systematic Efficiency

At American Quality Management, our consultants provide a top-down overview of your organization. We determine what you’re doing well and where you can improve. Our consultants can recommend specific courses and training to shore up lingering inefficiencies in your quality management system.

Our AS9110 consulting works on the micro and macro levels. We examine all processes related to aerospace and aviation, ensuring that they meet the industry requirements. Not only will these insights provide continual improvement for your management systems, but they’ll also maximize your odds of passing an independent audit.

AS9110 Certification Process

AS9110 certification occurs in four steps. The core of the standard involves quality management system documentation, processes, and performance. Preparing your organization for the audit can ensure a successful assessment.

1) Introductory Meeting – Organizations meet with the auditor to discuss their business. Auditors will focus on the big picture, such as internal and external risks. AS9110 consulting will prepare you to talk about the general aspects of your company and its processes.

2) Stage 1 Audit – Auditors will look at an organization’s documents and productivity. They use an industry-standard checklist to evaluate and assess risk and performance. The checklist focuses on boosting organizations’ competitiveness and continual improvement through training, safety, and implementation.

3) Stage 2 Audit – The second stage of the audit focuses on quality management systems and their structures. An auditor wants to determine whether the business has processes that meet the aviation and aerospace industry’s requirements. It also needs the correct paperwork to earn AS9110 certification.

4) Monitoring and Recertification – It’s not the end of the road for your organization once you get the green light from an auditor. Once you have the AS9110 standard, you need to maintain that performance each year. Auditors perform recertification audits every three years to reevaluate organizations.

Working with AS9110 Consultants

AS9110 consulting offers companies with the tools and resources they need to meet the standards for aviation and aerospace quality. Our process starts by providing an overview of the standards and requirements. That way, your business knows what to expect during audits.

Some of the other consulting services we provide include:

  • Developing a gap analysis to identify changes to systems
  • Creating an AS9110 implementation and maintenance plan
  • Educating your team on the AS9110 quality system
  • Designing and documenting your existing processes or redesigning them to meet industry requirements
  • Implementing AS9110 quality management systems that meet the international standard
  • Auditing your performance and updating your systems

Our consulting team uses a hands-on approach to bolster your organization. We have your best interests in mind and want you to meet the requirements outlined in the AS9110 standard. We firmly believe that we only succeed when our clients come back with successful audits.

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Companies with AS9110 certification come with a laundry list of perks. For instance, certified organizations can register for global online databases like OASIS (Online Aerospace Supplier Information System) of the IAQG (International Aerospace Quality Group). AS9110 certification reflects a consistent quality across the aerospace industry and has become an increasingly important selling point for clients.

Join the more than one million companies with ISO 9001 certification. Our AS9110 consulting team is standing by to assist you, whether you need gap and risk analysis, documentation training, or internal auditor training. Call us at (323) 896-1803 to get started today.

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