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Give your company a leg up in the aerospace industry with AS9120 consultants. At American Quality Management, we offer the world-class consulting and auditing services you need to earn accreditation. Contact us to discover the difference we can make for your business today.

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“ During our partnership we have achieved AS9100 Revision C upgrade with minimal findings. AQM's tireless construction of a new database system for most of the departments will help us keep organized with quick reporting o the current state of applicable processes.”

Gary M. Carr, Directory of Quality Assurance - Sunbank Co.

What Is the AS9120 Standard?

The Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE International) establishes standards for engineering professionals around the world. It published AS9120 as a guideline for organizations to obtain and resell parts and materials to consumers in the aviation, space, and defense industries. The standard does not apply to maintaining or repairing parts.

The AS9120 standard includes ISO 9001:2015. It’s a non-industry-specific certification that outlines best practices for quality management systems (QMS). ISO 9001:2015 outlines specific requirements for organizations working in the industries mentioned above. That includes AS9120:2016, which offers tailored recommendations related to leadership, operations, and performance evaluation.

The AS9120 standard enables uniformity and compliance across industries. It ensures that products and services reach a minimum quality standard while following applicable regulatory and legal requirements. Companies with AS9120 certification, which SAE recently revised to AS9120A, demonstrate a consistent commitment to value, conformity, service, and customer support.

Benefits of Aerospace Consulting

Streamlined Quality Management System

Consulting allows you to get the most out of your employees and quality management systems. Our experts provide unbiased insights into what your company is doing well and where it can improve. Identifying and correcting these weak points in your management system, from various human factors to technological implementation, will enhance your products and services in the long term.

An AS9120 consultant can bolster your organization’s productivity. After they go through the initial elevation, they’ll recommend training or compliance measures for more consistent performance. That means your business will handle less scrap and rework after corrective action is taken.

Boosted Revenue

Investing in consulting services promises a substantial financial reward. According to a study from researchers at UCLA, publicly traded companies with an ISO 9000 Quality Standard demonstrate superior financial performance to those without the standard. The AS9120 standard can make the difference between your organization surviving and thriving.

Certified suppliers and retailers can boost their revenue in several ways:

  1. An AS9120 consultant can demonstrate how to lower operational and production costs.
  2. Certification can provide access to new markets.
  3. The certified organization will generate fewer scraps, reworks, and rejections.

Improved Brand Reputation

More than a million certified companies have the ISO 9001 standard. It’s a universal accreditation that connotes a minimal quality of products and services. Consumers can rest assured knowing that business has gone through the proper authorities for their documentation, implementation, and compliance.

Consulting can help a business achieve this newfound brand reputation through proper certification. Consultants outline the changes the organization needs to make before undergoing an independent audit. The rigorous preparation and review ensure that the business passes the audit with ease and earns the AS9120 standard.

Increased Customer Satisfaction

Aviation, space, and defense customers demand high-quality parts and services. They’re also increasingly demanding suppliers and distributors with AS9120 certification. Consulting services aim to boost customer satisfaction through the effective application of the quality management system.

AS9120 certification reflects compliance with SAE’s recommendations for quality management systems. Customers need never worry about receiving counterfeit parts or fly-by-night workmanship. Any certified company must continually improve its systems and ensure compliance with customer and regulatory requirements.

How to Get AS9120 Certification

There are five steps to becoming an AS9120-certified organization. At American Quality Management, we walk clients through this process to guarantee safety, value, and conformity. Mastering these components will all but guarantee AS9120 accreditation.

1) Application – First, you must fill out an application so that American Quality Management can get to know your company better. Our consultants want to understand the intricacies of your organization and your requirements. This paperwork will provide our consultants with a scope for the assessment and a jumping-off point for certification.

2) Assessment – Our consultants will take multiple visits to your facility. You must have your quality management system operational for at least months before these visits. Make sure also to have the appropriate documentation and internal audits on hand for review. Some organizations may have additional requirements not outlined here.

3) Initial Consulting and Auditing – Audits allow our team to evaluate your AS9120 preparedness. We will assess your management system along with the documentation review. During this step, we:

  • Approve the accuracy of documentation
  • Approve requirements of the quality management systems
  • Approve the implementation status of the management systems
  • Approve the scope of certification
  • Evaluate legal compliance
  • Report Areas of Concern (AOCs) that independent auditors may flag as non-conformances
  • Schedule the independent audit
  • Develop an assessment plan for the independent audit

4) Independent Audit – The initial assessment determines a company’s preparedness for an independent audit and the likelihood of certification. If you reach this step, it means that our consulting experts have green-lit your quality management system and that you have addressed any additional requirements related to the assessment. During the independent audit, the auditor:

  • Documents system compliance through objective analysis and evidence
  • Visits all pertinent sites
  • Reports any non-conformities or additional requirements

Additional requirements can make or break audits. Auditors can’t issue certification until the organization takes corrective action, whether addressing product safety, human factors, counterfeit parts, or legal compliance. As a rule of thumb, corrective action must take place within six months of the audit.

5) AS9120 Certification – An independent organization will approve or reject your certification request. Successful companies will receive hard and soft copies of the document to demonstrate their accreditation. The certification lasts for three years, after which the organization must get recertified.

Working with an AS9120 Consultant and What to Expect

At American Quality Management, we provide the support and insights aerospace companies need to earn AS9120 accreditation. We work side by side with staff members and internal auditors to resolve pressing issues related to the management system. Our consultants have decades of experience in aerospace and defense. They understand what it takes to correct any problems, ranging from product safety to staff training.

Discover the benefits of an AS9120 consultant by contacting American Quality Management. You can reach us by phone at (323) 896-1803 or by email at We look forward to hearing from you.