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Going green shouldn’t put your organization in the red. If you’re ready to get with with the ISO 14001 trend, American Quality Management’s Environmental Consultants can help you clean up your act without cleaning out your wallet. Contact us today for a free consultation and we’ll show you how to go green while saving some “green” as well.

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“Every time I am audited I know AQM is auditing to make improvements for the better of TC and not just looking for inaccuracies in our system which makes a big difference to me. ”

Daniel Sandel, QA Manager - Thermal Conductive Bonding, Inc.

How AQM ISO 14001 Consulting Can Help Your Organization

Whether your business provides services or manufactures products, ISO 14001 is a viable option that can apply to any business model. When implementing the standard, American Quality Management will help you clearly define your set of objectives and develop a world-class system to help you achieve those specified goals. AQM’s ISO 14001 consulting services will also show you how to effectively maintain your new environmental management system so that all of your operational procedures and daily activities remain compliant.
ISO 14001 Benefits

  • Increase your organization’s marketability by making your organization more appealing to customers and suppliers who advocate for the environment and support brands that are environmentally responsible
  • Achieve notable cost savings by discovering new ways to cost-effectively reduce waste  and utilize advances in green energy technology for more efficient energy consumption

What is ISO 14001?

ISO 14001:2004 is an internationally renowned quality management system that provides a blueprint for guiding organizations in making key decisions regarding their operation’s impact on the environment. With pressure from governments, the media, and non-profit organizations, businesses both large and small face more scrutiny than ever when it comes to their environmental track record.

By certifying to ISO 14001 standards, any business regardless of industry can systematically ensure compliance with local and international laws, reducing risk from fines, penalties, and public boycotts as well as demonstrating a corporate policy of responsible environmental stewardship.

Integrating ISO 14001 into established quality assurance practices such as ISO 9001 or OHSAS 18001 is a commonly seen case in many implementations of the standard since ISO 14001’s framework merges seamlessly into existing quality management protocols.

Observing the protocols established by a carefully planned environmental quality management system will ensure that company managers can administer proper oversight of all decisions, activities, and production or services that could potentially impact the environment.  ISO 14001 establishes a blueprint for organizations within any industry so that they can proactively pinpoint any environmental liabilities which may cause damages that could be attributed to the organization’s processes.

Quality managers that successfully implement ISO 14001 systems can experience peace of mind knowing that these risks have been mitigated to their fullest possible extent and exponentially decrease any likelihood of facing any unwanted legal, civil, or consumer backlash.

The AQM ISO 14001 Consulting Guarantee

If your business is considering the benefits of becoming ISO 14001 certified, then you will also want to consider how a consultant can make the certification process simple, actionable, and most importantly successful for your entire organization. We specialize in environmental systems and have the proven track record to help you succeed. Contact AQM today and let us come to you and prove that when it comes to ISO 14001 consulting, we mean business!

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