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American Quality Management serves as a leading provider in Nadcap consulting services. We work side by side with clients to help them overcome challenges and earn accreditation. Our skilled and knowledgeable Nadcap consultants are here to transform your aerospace business into the best version of itself.

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“ During our partnership we have achieved AS9100 Revision C upgrade with minimal findings. AQM's tireless construction of a new database system for most of the departments will help us keep organized with quick reporting o the current state of applicable processes.”

Gary M. Carr, Directory of Quality Assurance - Sunbank Co.

What Is Nadcap?

Nadcap is a global accreditation system for aerospace and defense suppliers that contributes to a cost-effective consensus approach. It involves testing and certifying suppliers, whether they contribute heat treating, metal finishing, and coatings or work in the supply chain.

The Performance Review Institute (PRI) oversees the Nadcap process, formerly stylized as NADCAP (National Aerospace and Defense Contractors Accreditation Program). The program began in 1990. Today, it consists of prime contractors that work in the aerospace and defense industries. Nadcap ensures a consistent industry auditing standard for products and special processes.

The 17 special processes that Nadcap accreditation covers include:

  • Non-Metallic Materials Manufacturing
  • Conventional Machining as a Special Process
  • Composites
  • Non-Metallic Materials Testing
  • Chemical Processing
  • Measurement & Inspection
  • Coatings
  • Welding
  • Fluid Distribution Systems
  • Materials Testing Laboratories
  • Non-Conventional Machining and Surface Enhancement
  • Non-Destructive Testing
  • Heat Treating
  • Elastomer Seals
  • Sealants
  • Electronics
  • Aerospace Quality Systems

PRI schedules audits to elevate businesses in the cooperative. The organization has an industry-approved auditor perform the assessments with an approved checklist. The auditor reports their findings to PRI and notes any concerns. PRI then presents the Nadcap audit to a special process task group, which votes to approve or reject the business’ certification.

Benefits of Nadcap Consulting Services

Audit Preparation

It’s no secret that Nadcap audits are a critical component of accreditation. Understanding what auditors look for during the inspection can help your business ace the test with flying colors. At American Quality Management, our Nadcap consultants put companies in the best possible place to succeed.

Some of our Nadcap audit preparation services include:

  • Document development training
  • Preparation for Root Cause Corrective Action (RCCA) responses
  • Training your company’s internal auditors

Our Nadcap consultants have requisite hands-on experience with the Nadcap process. We know what it takes to earn accreditation and the common red flags that trip up unprepared businesses. Our audit preparation can make the difference between a passing and a failing grade.

Expert Advice

Our Nadcap consultants rank among the best in the industry. They have decades of experience dealing with Nadcap requirements and assisting clients from various industries. We understand the ins and outs of Nadcap accreditation. It’s why we can guide you through the accreditation process one step at a time.

At American Quality Management, we’re not content with a simple passing grade. Our consultants want your business to succeed at the highest levels, thanks to cutting-edge management systems. We won’t stop testing and training until your cost and error levels hit their minimums.

Improved Odds of Accreditation

It’s impossible to guarantee Nadcap accreditation. PRI demands precision from its suppliers in all products and special processes. A business must meet rigorous standards during the audit to earn Nadcap certification.

Our Nadcap consulting provides the insights and information your business needs to obtain accreditation. We distill months of document development and preparation into easy-to-understand sessions. We cover the most pressing issues, including training and certifying the client’s NDT personnel. This personalized approach boosts clients’ chances of success during Nadcap audits, allowing them to go into the process with confidence.

Understanding the Nadcap Accreditation Process

The Nadcap accreditation process begins with an audit. A business must contact PRI to schedule the review, assign industry-approved auditors, and distribute the agreed-upon checklists. This process applies whether you want to earn accreditation or re-accreditation.

Nadcap auditors go over everything with a fine-tooth comb. They look at the Nadcap special processes, such as coatings, composites, and chemical processing, as well as a company’s products. The Nadcap auditors want to ensure that the services match the quality that the cooperative demands.

Audits can take a few weeks or a few months. The time frame depends on the size and scope of the business and its systems. Once the Nadcap auditors complete their assessments, they’ll submit their data to eAuditNet so PRI can review it.

Staff engineers at PRI review the findings and develop independent conclusions. Assessments allow them to identify critical issues, address non-conformances, and make recommendations about certification and corrective actions. However, it’s up to the prime contractors to determine whether a company deserves certification.

Prime contractors work with PRI continuously. They evaluate the program’s effectiveness and find ways to improve the process for participants. If they give a company the green light after testing, the business will earn accreditation.

Work with a Nadcap Consultant

A Nadcap consultant can make your life significantly easier when attempting certification. They have your best interests at heart and can guide you toward success. They help you address glaring issues with special processes, management, and implementation before going through Nadcap audits.

The Nadcap consultants at American Quality Management use internal auditing to assess clients’ preparedness. A consultant uses the Nadcap checklist to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses. If necessary, they can recommend Root Cause corrective Action (RCCA) treatments after the internal audit before an official auditor does.

A Nadcap consultant offers the consulting services companies in the aerospace and defense industries need. The internal assessment provides an unbiased perspective of their process and training from the ground up. Investing in Nadcap consulting will justify the cost once you earn accreditation.

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When companies need Nadcap consulting services, they contact American Quality Management. Our Nadcap consultants have delivered unparalleled guidance and expertise to clients in the aerospace and defense industries for more than 25 years. We have the services and skills you need to address everything from non-conforming Nadcap special processes to corrective action and NDT training.

Get in touch with the consultants at American Quality Management and discover the difference we can make for your bottom line. Our Nadcap consulting services will position your organization for success now and in the future. Give us a call at (323) 986-1803 to get started today.

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