How an ISO Certification Can Help You Drive Sales

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vector image of sales person Whether you are running a small mom-and-pop shop, a startup company or a global corporation, obtaining ISO certification as a business can have countless benefits, ranging from saving the company money and employee time to improving efficiency and customer service.

ISO certification can create opportunities for businesses to branch out into new markets, as the certification may fulfill eligibility requirements for businesses to obtain certain types of contracts, such as with the government, that require companies to adhere to the ISO certification standards. Since ISO certification is recognized globally, it could potentially allow businesses to reach the international markets thanks to increased credibility and reliability compared to non-certified companies.

As manufacturing continues to spread globally, ISO certification provides verification to prospective clients that products were manufactured using a set of objective industry standards designed to encourage best practices, from quality assurance to standard safety practices.

Businesses should also look at ISO certification as a sort of indirect marketing technique with additional benefits, as certification shows potential customers that the business is concerned with the quality of their products and how they’re manufactured. Higher quality products can lead to more business, which can help vault a company’s success to the next level and blow past any competition who is not ISO certified.

From a customer perspective, ISO certification provides a peace of mind knowing the high standards the company they’re doing business with follows; customers can have confidence buying a product from a company with ISO certification because they know it will be a quality product. In theory, customer complaints should also reduce when adhering to the ISO certification standards, as the customer can know what level of quality to expect when doing business with a certified company.

While both business and customer are the obvious beneficiaries of ISO certification, employees who are manufacturing the products also reap the benefits as well. The ISO certification and set of standards provides a clear and consistent course of communication and universal processes for employees to follow, ultimately eliminating any internal confusion within a business. When all employees are on the same page, the business can expect a reduction in errors and stress on its workers, which may lead to less turnover and higher employee satisfaction.

Ultimately, ISO certification can improve experiences for businesses, customers and employees due to the standards followed, increase in product quality and production efficiencies, reduced number of customer complaints, and an easy-to-follow process and communication stream for employees producing the product. With ISO certification, all parties involved benefit.

As the importance of ISO certification continues to increase in the manufacturing industry, businesses without certification may soon find themselves on the outside looking in. With more companies obtaining certification and viewing it as a necessity, businesses without ISO certification will soon be left in the dark as they watch more clients flock to competition with higher standards of quality. So when asking whether or not a business should obtain ISO certification, the real question is why not?