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lean_manufacturingLean Production Manufacturing: How Tough is Efficiency?

Most international corporations and conglomerates (almost every single one of them) function with one goal in mind, to be as effect as possible with the existing resources they have.  These resources include capital goods like machinery and transportation vehicles, and also include human capitol like basic workers and management. Now the problem most of these company’s face is how difficult it can be for them to be able to be as effective as possible when there are so many unpredictable factors present. Problems facing these companies include things like fluctuation in scheduling, mismanagement of employees, and accidents that employees undergo. All these factors pose a serious threat to the flow of a manufacturing process, and companies face millions in losses because of them. Efficiency is something that does not come easily, so when it comes to finding a system that really works at creating some sort of stability in efficiency, the demand can be incredibly high.

Why the System Works

A lot of management styles focus solely on changing how managers interact with employees, and focusing on just human interaction is often times not enough to get rid of all the problems. A management style must be effective at taking away everything that hinders a system from performing the way it should. The things that stop systems from functioning correctly include wasted time or man power in the way the systems function. These wastes often hide themselves within complex operations that have remained the same for a so long that no one bothers to try and see how they can be improved. Lean production manufacturing focuses on identifying the hidden wastes in systems and removing them in order to create an optimal flow within the original system. This flow allows the system to function without distractions and without the chances of injury or miss-organization taking place. A lot of these wastes do not just stop creating waste once they occur, they often times create a sort of avalanche effect and trigger a whole string of distractions to occur. With the help of the lean system, none of these distraction even have a chance to take place.

Can Efficiency Be Eradicated?

The simple answer to this question is no, as a whole world of unpredictable variables fester in pretty much every single operation a company undergoes in. Now this does not mean that the fight against wasted time and resources is completely lost, really the biggest thing a company can do is at least remove the waste they can find. Efficiency might be the key to more profits, but it is not the end all be all of running a successful company. All a management style needs to do is attempt to remove the things they can, and work towards discovering the rest in the future. With the help of lean production manufacturing, waste will slowly dissipate and profits will climb steadily.

What is Right for You? 

If achieving efficiency in your day to day operations is a challenge for your organization, then you can always contact AQM for a free complimentary audit of your quality management system. Having a set of fresh eyes into your processes can help you become aware of issues you never knew existed, and of course provide you with much needed solutions.