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as9100 a unique standard for aerospaceBusinesses and production nowadays need to follow the Quality Management System (QMS) in order to meet the target as well as deliver their commitment to the clients. The most widely recognized is the ISO 9001 which aims to monitor and make sure that high-quality operations are followed together with outlining the means to reach targets through positive performance and service delivery.

The Aerospace Industry has also formulated and strictly implemented its quality management system adapted from the international standard. Before, the aerospace industry followed the AS9000 but later added more qualifications for safety and quality standard.  In order to do business with major aerospace manufacturers and suppliers, companies are required to have a registration that complies with the AS9100 Aerospace Standard.

Why AS9100

When manufacturing parts to be used for an aircraft or any space vehicle, the production process must follow a sensible operation. Even before the actual manufacturing of a certain part, careful attention must be implemented starting from the documentation and designing. This documentation is vital as it serves as a reference in the future in case accidents happen in the future. The documentation needs to be submitted immediately to the board of inquiry in case an accident happens.

With the AS9100 Aerospace Standard, every individual working under the manufacturing must be well guided starting from the management to materials and production process and quality control. Using the AS9100, it also includes a supplemental illustration on the design and work evolution. When modifications are made, as AS9100 Aerospace Standard states, there should be written explanations for design and verification in particular areas. The AS9100 gives instructions for documentation clarification as well as testing and result certifications.


 The first group of materials manufactured will be inspected carefully. This is called the First Article Inspection.  It is during an inspection that AS9100 Aerospace Standard gave recommendations for improvement as well as formulated instructions to follow to avoid any mistake in future manufacturing.

Expert assessors are the professionals who give Assessments and certification to the company. With the AS9100 Aerospace Standard, there is a stricter procedure as compared to the ISO9001.  Every component must be assessed and scored through a scorecard.  After the overall assessment, the scores will be added. If everything went well, they will give approval or might require additional components if needed.

While assessment is being held, no corrections can be made not like the ISO 9001. If there is any Corrective Action Plan (CAP), it needs to be done once the assessment is finished.

When main suppliers passed and gain the AS9100 Aerospace Standard certification, they too will impose the same standard on their contractors and suppliers. They will ask them to have the AS9100 certification as well.