Quality Round Up – May 2016 Edition

Posted: Monday, May, 16th, 2016 by American Quality Management

What is going on in the wild world of quality management? Well if you missed any of these excellent articles, then now’s your chance to get caught up. The words and wisdom of the immortal and inspirational W. Edwards Deming are alive and well. From Statistical Techniques Allow Management […]

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Reasons Why You Should Invest in a Quality Management System

Posted: Friday, May, 13th, 2016 by American Quality Management

Running a successful business is not an easy task, especially with the world being so competitive at the moment. To ensure that your business is at the top, you need to be ready to do all it takes and become more innovative than the competition […]

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Improving Quality in a Business

Posted: Monday, May, 2nd, 2016 by American Quality Management

Every business owner wants to believe that they and their business are quality oriented. Usually none of them is. This is totally evident by the fact that there are always complaints at a point in time about the service delivery or even the poor production […]

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Environmental Benefits of Conservation

Posted: Thursday, April, 21st, 2016 by American Quality Management

The world today has been ridiculed with lots of questions about how to sustain its population, while at the same time not degrading the environment around. This is due to the rising concern that the earth is giving up and soon won’t be able to […]

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A Unique Standard for Aerospace

Posted: Wednesday, April, 13th, 2016 by American Quality Management

Businesses and production nowadays need to follow the Quality Management System (QMS) in order to meet the target as well as deliver their commitment to the clients. The most widely recognized is the ISO 9001 that aims to monitor and make sure that high quality of […]

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IAQG ICOP Resolution 104 Revision 2015

Posted: Saturday, December, 19th, 2015 by American Quality Management

The IAQG has issued a new resolution effective 6/27/2013 for AS9100 and AS9120. This resolution pertains to the handling of recertification audits, issuance of certificates and OASIS upload. Below are the changes outlined in the resolution. The issuance of a certificate on recertification shall follow these requirements. […]

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AQM Certification Announcement

Posted: Monday, December, 7th, 2015 by American Quality Management

American Quality Management Consulting and Auditing (AQM) is proud to announce that we are pursuing certification to the ISO 9001:2008 quality standard. While we have always prided ourselves on providing services of exceptional quality, the pursuit of this registration is solid proof of the outstanding […]

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More Information for 2015 ISO 9001

Posted: Friday, October, 2nd, 2015 by American Quality Management

Remember there are a few more years and more drafts to come before the official published version of ISO 9001:2015 is released and based on the current committee draft the reception and reaction to the current draft from CB’s (certifiers; those who audit and issue […]

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Maintaining Your QMS

Posted: Wednesday, September, 23rd, 2015 by American Quality Management

Whether it is ISO 9001:2008, AS9100 or any of the ISO QMS’s It is very important to recognize that your QMS needs to be alive and constantly evolving. Continuous Improvement is one of the requirements, and “continuous improvement” not only refers to your company’s products […]

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