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ISO 45001 Consulting: Understanding the Replacement for OHSAS 18001

As your business expands within the global market, you have likely considered the added risks of occupational injuries and illnesses that come with the growth. From manufacturing injuries to slip-and-falls, the chances of one of your employees or managers becoming injured rise exponentially.

In the modern business world, business executives and managers have to answer to their shareholders, employees, and customers. With that in mind, you will need to consider a wide range of internal and external influences that affect the health and safety of your employees. In addition, you must consider the impact that your organization has on the local community and the environment at large.

Simply put, you and your team must attempt to predict and manage the unpredictable. More than likely, you have a robust occupational health and safety, or OH&S, management system in place to do so.

However, if your organization still operates under Occupational Health & Safety Assessment Series (OHSAS) 18001 or ISO 9001 regulations, you may run the risk of violating the International Organization for Standardization’s (ISO) compliance laws.

Fortunately, you can transition from OHSAS 18001 or ISO 9001 standards to the new guidelines, ISO 45001. Still, the certification process can get complicated quickly without the help of an experienced safety management systems consultant.

At American Quality Management, our ISO 45001 consulting team can help manage your organization’s transition and implementation processes. We will guide you through every step of the new ISO certification requirements so that your company can meet the international standard on your schedule and within your budget.

After we implement your new occupational health and safety management system, we will provide you with the analysis, processes, training, and documentation you need to improve your business operations. At the same time, your organization can move forward with confidence, knowing that you have aligned yourself with ISO 45001 requirements.

Occupational Health and Safety Management System Benefits

Upgrading your occupational health and safety management system has a wide range of benefits. However, some of the most impactful advantages of meeting the new international standard for occupational health include the following.

  1. Reduced Downtime

Organizations work best when their employees can work safely. By implementing an ISO 45001:2018-compliant OH&S management system, you can reduce the risk of injuries and accidents. As a result, your company will enjoy less downtime and fewer manufacturing interruptions.

  1. Enhanced Responsiveness

Once you have successfully met the ISO 45001 requirements, your company will have all the procedures it needs to respond quickly and efficiently to compliance issues. In addition, our ISO 45001 consultants will provide training and support to conduct risk assessments and quality control audits.

  1. Decreased Insurance Premiums

When your company achieves ISO standards, you can reap the benefits of implementing a comprehensive OH&S management system. In addition, your certification may also help lower your insurance premiums, thanks to the rigorous ISO 45001 standard for worker safety.

  1. Reduced Employee Turnover

Most organizations would agree that a dangerous workplace results in increased employee turnover. While achieving the ISO 45001 standard won’t eliminate all turnover and absenteeism, taking the steps to a safer, healthier workplace can help stabilize your workforce.

  1. Improved Credibility

Finally, ISO 45001 certification can boost your credibility with your shareholders, employees, and customers. By fulfilling all legal and international standard requirements to their fullest extent, you will demonstrate an organizational commitment to consistency, compliance, and continual improvement.

The ISO 45001 Consulting Process

At American Quality Management, we customize our ISO 45001 consulting services to suit your organization’s current and future goals. Unlike other ISO 45001 certification services, we begin each venture with a thorough investigation of your current standards. Then, we dive into the development phase before initiating the procedures your company needs to achieve ISO 45001 compliance.

While each business has its unique circumstances, our consultancy service follows a thorough five-step process to guide you through implementation and certification:

  1. Auditing Current Health & Safety Management Systems

Before we begin incorporating your new OH&S procedures, our lead auditor will perform a careful analysis of your company’s current guidelines. The audit will reveal any inefficiencies or gaps in your system. Further, it will determine how to transition between Occupational Health & Safety Assessment Series 18001 to ISO 45001.

Transitioning from ISO 9001

While we work with many companies with OHSAS 18001 certification, some companies opt to pursue ISO 9001 standards. If your organization currently operates based on ISO 9001 standards, our ISO 45001 consulting services can help you complete the transition without wasting additional time and money.

  1. Developing Your Personalized ISO 45001 Occupational Health & Safety Implementation Plan

The development and implementation process begins with initial documentation. From there, our team will work to define your company’s needs, environmental factors, barriers to participation, and industry-specific requirements.

Once we have determined the unique elements, we can implement a comprehensive 45001 management systems plan to support OH&S regulations.

  1. Defining Ongoing Processes and Procedures

Many consulting services will assess your company and offer support during the ISO 45001:2018 certification process. Far fewer consultants go beyond standards and requirements to create procedures that improve your business’s safety, efficiency, and effectiveness.

At American Quality Management, we know that occupational health and safety encompasses every operational process. Our consulting services and auditors will support your management and workers in identifying risks to health, safety, and maximum efficiency.

Following our audit, your company will have the support and knowledge it needs to enhance production, streamline your workflows, and improve your bottom line.

  1. Conducting an Internal Management Review

Your organization will need to perform regular audits to sustain your ISO 45001 occupational health and safety certification. To help streamline the process, we’ll work with your team to identify the auditors, set up an auditing schedule, and interpret the results of the audits.

  1. Training Key Workers

Our team will provide substantial training, documentation, and support to ensure that your management team can maintain the ISO 45001 standard requirements. Additionally, we’ll help your staff develop the detailed processes your organization needs to perform additional audits, assess risks, and respond quickly to standard discrepancies.

Work With Our OH&S Management System and ISO 45001 Consulting Experts

Transitioning your business from Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series 18001 doesn’t have to become complicated or costly. While the process requires careful analysis and execution, consulting ISO 45001 experts like our staff at American Quality Management can help you achieve standard compliance faster without risking your timeline or budget.

For more information on our ISO 45001 consultation services, please get in touch with our American Quality Management team today at (323) 896-1803 or (323) 201-7266.