IAQG ICOP Resolution 104 Revision 2015

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The IAQG has issued a new resolution effective 6/27/2013 for AS9100 and AS9120. This resolution pertains to the handling of recertification audits, issuance of certificates and OASIS upload. Below are the changes outlined in the resolution.

  • The issuance of a certificate on recertification shall follow these requirements.
  • The recertification process shall be complete prior to the expiration of the existing certificate.
  • The recertification process is defined as ending with upload to OASIS of the new certificate.
  • If the new certificate cannot be uploaded to OASIS prior to the certificate expiration, it shall be uploaded within 30 days from the expiration.
  • Registrar shall not issue client a certificate until such time as OASIS has been updated.

If the recertification process including upload of information to OASIS is not complete in the time-frame above, either before the certificate expires or no more than 30 days after certificate expiration, Registrar shall withdraw the certificate and the client shall start over with an initial audit.
What does this mean for the Registrars?

They need to be sure we are scheduling AS9100 and AS9120 recertification audits far enough in advance of certificate expiration so that we give the audit team, client and review committee enough time to process each recertification. Registrars will also have to closely monitor timelines on certificate expirations so we do not exceed the 30 day requirement in OASIS.

What does this mean for AS9100/AS9120 auditors?

It is important that you make clients aware at the closing meeting on recertification audits of these timing requirements, and that delay in response to NCRs may result in withdrawal of their certification if we cannot re-issue their certificate prior to it expiring in OASIS

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