What is a Surveillance Audit?

Surveillance cameras keep watch over an audit

After careful planning and diligent preparation, an organization is ready to achieve the goal of ISO certification. A certification body sends an auditor to verify that the organization’s management system is in place along with all necessary components: documentation, records, processes, etc. The auditor also […]

How to Get Ready for an Internal Audit

quality management audit

In many organizations, audits have a negative connotation. Some view them as box-checking busy-work, while others fear that the auditor is trying to ‘catch’ them in some form of non-compliance. In reality, an ISO 14001 internal audit presents a genuine opportunity for improvement. The maximum […]

A Brief History of ISO Standards

When parameters and standards are not clear, it can be difficult for countries and businesses to work with each other to determine what is fair. When it comes to standards and setting standards, the more guidelines there are to follow, the more transparent, reliable, and […]

Keeping Your Business Ahead of the Competition

The business world is not at all a forgiving bunch. Any slip up in your business is an opportunity for your rival to overtake you and put you to the ground. As such, for your business to stay afloat and even ahead of the competition, […]

Lean Production Manufacturing: Cut Waste & Make Profit

A lot of people assume that when it comes to management styles (including but not limited to quality management), they really only apply to large international corporations and conglomerates. This is not true at all, and small companies stand to benefit just as much from […]

Go Lean to Achieve Efficiency

Lean Production Manufacturing: How Tough is Efficiency? Most international corporations and conglomerates (almost every single one of them) function with one goal in mind, to be as effect as possible with the existing resources they have.  These resources include capital goods like machinery and transportation […]

Reasons Why You Should Invest in a Quality Management System

Running a successful business is not an easy task, especially with the world being so competitive at the moment. To ensure that your business is at the top, you need to be ready to do all it takes and become more innovative than the competition […]

Improving Quality in a Business

Every business owner wants to believe that they and their business are quality oriented. Usually none of them is. This is totally evident by the fact that there are always complaints at a point in time about the service delivery or even the poor production […]

A Total Quality Management Training Video

A Total Quality Management training video that our final year class at the University of Edinburgh made in the style of Charlie Chaplin’s Modern Times. The intention was to teach, teamwork, production line processes, process optimization, defects, quality, and continual improvement Kaizen.