More Observations on ISO 9001:2015

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According to the draft:

  • The new revision is using simplified language and writing styles so that it will make it easier to understand and consistent in the interpretations of its requirements.
  • It will make use of a common high level structure, definitions and text; this will enhance compatibility and alignment with other ISO QMS’s.
  • It will stay generic and relevant to all sizes and types of organizations from all operating sectors.
  • The new revision takes into account changes in quality management system practices as well as technology changes that have evolved since the last revision.
  •  It maintains and enhances the current focus on process management so as to produce desired outcomes.
  • It will reflect changes in the evolving environments in which today’s organizations operate
  • It provides for effective implementation by organizations and makes it easier for 1st 2nd and 3rd parties to asses’ conformity.
  • Finally it will provide a stable set of core requirements that should be in place for the next 10 years at least.

As your partner in ISO implementation and auditing American Quality Management will stay tuned to this pending revision and make valuable information available to our clients on a regular basis and will be ready for implementation according to the revised ISO 9001 Standard of 2015.